Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After the most difficult semester of my life, it's time for me to reflect. My vision and even thought of design has completely changed, but for the better. I now understand why we were put through those horrible assignments day to day. Being a designer is not all about the finished product. As much as it was stressed even back in August, it was hard for me to really understand why. The last projects for Tad and Andrea's classes have showed me how much process matters. Nothing I made a month or so ago would have been to caliber conceptual wise as my projects are now.

I feel, and hope, that I gradually got better with my projects. I started to care a lot more, and would spend more time on them. I don't like to work on things that aren't interesting to me. It's true. But I think I'm starting to like those things I used to not like. My perception of design is changing as well. I think I'm moving forward from just the aesthetic part of design and to the conceptual part. I hope I can keep this going.

I am inspired by typography. I wish I could just design with type all the time. Sometimes I wander if I would ever want to be a typographer, but I might kill myself. I love making designs into things that people can see / appreciate / use. I was really into Tad's last project because it was directly related to my roommate. 

I am excited to see what I can offer from here on out. Hoping all goes well with Review, and I can continue to learn, explore, and challenge myself with the opportunities given here.

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