Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LARRY LESSIG : journal 13

Larry Lessig is one of our foremost authorities on copyright issues, with a vision for reconciling freedom with marketplace competition through creativity. In his talk he spoke of issues of copyright and trespassing being hampers to creativity in general. He provided examples through a brief history of copyrights and the application of existing material for new material, like remixes. What I found interesting about this talk is Lessig's theories on the unity of business and creativity. He spoke on the growth of technology and how it enables our generation to create through innumerable methods. Because of this, Lessig states that our generation is learning to speak primarily through these methods. He feels that businesses should let the artists and creators themselves decide what can and cannot be made available. Because it is business that is hampering the way that people communicate through the new and ever growing language of technology. Lessig's views on creativity were interesting to hear, and the thought never occurred to me as a designer that commerce could be such an obstacle. But thinking to all the printing and media limitations I've dealt with, I would have to agree with Lessig. I should not have to create based on limitation, I should be able to create without bounds.

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