Monday, March 7, 2011

TYPOGRAPHY : things to know

1 / advantages of multiple column width? room for experimentation and easy to layout text

2 / characters per line length? 40-50; words per line? 

3 / why is baseline grid used in design? it keeps things aligned so they can have a cohesive baseline.

4 / what is a typographic river? gaps formed when you justify text

5 / what is a clothesline? a defined line where the text is going to hang

6 / incorporate space into design? connecting title with text, text with text, so that the whitespace is on the outside; rag some columns (depending); adjusting the type size; how far the columns go high and low.

7 / what is typographic color? bold, weight, size, tracking, leading, column width.

8 / what is x-height, how does it effect type color? 

9 / in justification or H & J terms what do the number minimum, optimum, and maximum mean? 

10 / rules to indicate new paragraph? 

11 / rules for hyphenation? don't let two letters be left behind; don't hyphenation proper nouns or people's names;

12 / ligerature? when letters merge together (serif fonts) that are so close that they need to be together.

13 / cmyk vs. rgb? cmyk is used for printing in four-color process (additive); rgb is used on the internet (subtractive)

14 / hanging punctuation? 

15 / foot mark vs. apostrophe?  

16 / inch mark vs. quote mark (smart quote)? 

17 / what is hyphen, em dash(es), and what are the differences and when are they used? 

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