Sunday, March 6, 2011

JOURNAL 5 : jonathan harris

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Jonathan Harris is an artist in different aspects of our world: visual, digital, emotional. He is now mostly into digital and computer science allowing him to work on the web. He he has created websites to allow someone to explore their own lives. He strives to find the best way to allow someone to find love the best way. Harris explains his reasoning on why he thinks the outcome is more important than the idea. He talks about his journey through coding and how it has affected his life. He poses questions pertaining whether or not the internet is good for us, or if it's ever done anything good for us.

I really enjoyed the questions that Jonathan Harris posed and how they can relate directly to our lives. His occupation is so respectable because of how he thinks. "With all the porn and sex on the internet, it's amazing how asexual the internet actually is." It's impressive how he can devote so much of his life to his work. I know he explained how there are no masterpieces on the internet yet. However, I think the internet itself is a masterpiece. Yes, there are negative aspects to it, but the fact that the internet can connect the entire world is indescribably amazing. We can use it for so many things and I think should be considered one of the notable masterpieces of our world.

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