Sunday, February 13, 2011

AUDIENCE PERSONAS // bookjackets

Elise is a 16 year old high school sophomore.  She enjoys quality and quantity.  She is a natural over-achiever who has been doing so her entire life.  She enjoys helping out with her three little siblings and reading them books.  She lives in an extremely conservative family but secretly seeks rebellion.  She is constantly restrained by her past and is reminded of it everyday.

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Cameron is a 26 year old who lives in Chicago.  Currently, he is trying to figure out what he is going to do with his life.  He has spent so much time having a good time with his life, he got behind working on his future.  All of his friends are starting their careers and moving on with their lives.  He has all these ideas, but doesn't know how to apply them to the world or a job.  His parents are starting to worry about him, and so is he.

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Jimmy is 80 years old who was the CEO of a billion dollar company for 53 years.  He is "that" guy.  He recently retired and passed the torch to his son.  His company was supposed to fail, but Jimmy turned it into a success.  It is built for his family, and now grand-son or grand-daughter will never run out of money.  But he's loved his job more than his family the last 53 years and is realizing it now.  He is trying to take advantage of the time he still has by spending time with his family.  He is now learning that money can't buy everything in life, especially the most important things.

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